Diamonds and Pearls 3 Wick Moroccan Cashmere Luxury Scented Candle

  • $24.00
Scented with fragrance oil of Moroccan Cashmere, our "Diamonds and Pearls" candle is luxurious as it sounds. This soft yet masculine scent is going to be one of your favorites. It ads the air of light cologne to any room and lingers softly after your blow it out.

The candle is 17 oz and made of 100% soy wax with a 60 hour burn time. It comes with a playlist of 90's R&B hits to help you set the mood.

Please note: These candles are made in glass jars. Please do not leave them unattended. Additionally, Do not burn the wick all the way down. If the candle is low, or you can see the metal clip that holds the wick, the candle should not be burned, you run the risk of the glass getting too hot and cracking