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"For Your Soul" Fall Collection

Brown Sugar Luxury Candle

A little bit of sexy and a little bit of sweet is the perfect way to describe this candle. Though it is a no-brainer on what song inspired this candle, it is also perfect for setting the Fall or holiday mood. The aroma is nostalgic and comforting and a great addition to the Fall and Winter season.

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Breathe Again Luxury Candle

The scent of this candle is classic and beautiful. You will definitely want to breathe in deeply with this Cedarwood En Blanc blend. Part of its beauty is that it lingers without being overwhelming. The aroma it gives off will make it a staple in your candle scents. We wanted something as beautiful as the Toni Braxton hit and we are pretty sure we nailed it. Soy-wax, hand-poured and clean burning.

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No Ordinary Love Luxury Candle

We truly cannot say enough about this Sade-inspired candle. Spiced Honey is a fragrance that is warm with a little kick. We may have over fragranced this candle but we are sure you will not mind. If you like an aroma that feels cozy, try this candle.

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"For Your Soul" Collection

Get all 3 of these 12 oz candles to scent your Fall and Winter

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"Easy Listening" wax melt set

We get it. Everyone does not burn candles but what about wax melts? These are made to fragrance without the flame. Just pop it in your wax melter and enjoy. These are great to unwind with and add just the right about of fragrance to your room.

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'Something Like A Love Song' Collection

Sittin' Up In My Room Luxury Scented Candle

A clean scent with a hint of fresh is just what is need to brighten the mood of any room. This scent, inspired by the Brandy classic is a scent that is something you will always want to keep around. The top notes are floral and the bottom notes are a bit woodsy, but it is a very engaging scent.

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Sumthin' Sumthin' Luxury Candle

This candle has a unique smell that smooth but not heavy. The scent is dark and sultry. Just like the sensuous song that inspired it, the candle has a slow, yet potent burn that is not overwhelming. It is perfect for the candle lover who favors a more masculine smell. Great for men.

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Ready or Not Luxury Scented Candle

The sun, the rain, the moon, the stars...all of it are in this candle. The red currant scent has top notes of berries and there is a bit of a woodsy scent in the bottom notes. The scent is so unique but it fits into any scenario, room, or mood.

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Tender Kisses Luxury Scented Candle

Soft and sweet, this candle is just as memorable as the Tracie Spencer hit that inspired it. The top notes of white tea blend well with the rainwater scent to create a nice balance of fresh and sweet. This candle is great for taking a soothing bath or cuddling up with a good book. It also goes great in the bathroom!

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Rain Luxury Scented Candle

This candle is was a no-brainer for us. Soft as a misty rain, this candle is a soul souther. Scented with fresh rainwater fragrance, it is truly the scent you did not know you were missing. It is fresh, yet strong, and ultimately memorable.

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Quiet Storm Luxury Candle Set

This candle set is perfect for a quiet night at home, cuddled up, or to get into your self-care routine. Each one of these candles has a beautiful light fragrance that enhances any mood or room.  The candle set includes Rain ( fresh rainwater), Tell Me (Eucalyptus and Peppermint), and Ready or Not (Red Currant)-all of the candles are 8 oz each and have a combined burn time of 40-50 hours.

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R&B Mixtape Luxury Candle Set

Get 3 of our most popular candles together! "Let's Chill," "Real Love" and "Feels Good" candles all in one shot, because why not have all three! Each candle is 8 oz and burns for hours. Each candle scent is below. 

"Let's Chill" -White Tea & Ginger

"Real Love"-Lavender, Rosemary & Sage

"Feels Good"-Fresh Linen


Men of R&B Luxury Scented Candle Set

This group of candles is a mixture of masculine scents with a hint of sweetness. These are three of our best-selling candles, paired together for the candle lover that likes warm, strong scents

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Love Song Luxury Scented Candle Collection

Every candle in this set we are obsessed with!!! We paired our bestselling "Real Love" candle (lavender, rosemary, and chamomile) with our "Feels Good" candle (fresh linen) and our "Tender Kisses" candle (white tea and rainwater). All of these candles have a long burn time and can scent a room before you even light them

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Red Light Special Luxury Scented Candle

*Note* we are doing a very limited pour on this candle.*

This TLC inspired candle, is a blend of Amber and Driftwood with hints of Ginger and Bergamot. It is a very sultry blend and a definite mood setter. If you are looking something a bit sexy for your next chill session, this is the blend you want.

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Let's Chill Luxury Scented Candle

This hand-poured soy candle is inspired by one of our favorite Guy records. And just like that smooth R&B track, this white tea and ginger blended scent is the perfect smell to create a vibe. It is a subtle clean, scent that is great for helping you relax and zone out.

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Real Love Luxury Scented Candle

Are you searching for a "Real Love?" This just may be it. Inspired by the MJB classic that has resonated for decades, this beautiful blend of Lavender, Rosemary and Sage will definitely become a staple in your candle selection, because after all, we are all searching for it.

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Tell Me Luxury Scented Candle

You don't have to tell us you want this freshly scented candle that is the perfect blend of eucalyptus and mint, we already know you want it. And it will be in your hands before you know it. 

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Urban Hang Suite Luxury Scented Candle

 Scented with Sandalwood, Amber and Driftwood, this is definitely a mood setter. Much like Maxwell's debut hit album, this candle has a stronger more masculine vibe. Ladies do not be afraid of this one but we know the male candle lovers need love too.

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Feels Good Luxury Scented Candle

Everyone loves a good clean linen smell in their candle. It brings a smooth and familiar scent to any room much like the Tony! Toni! Tone! hit that this candle was named after. We must admit it is one of our favs!

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One Sweet Day Luxury Scented Candle

Sweet and a bit whimsical, our "One Sweet Day" candle is fragranced with white gardenia and a hint of ginger and orange. If you are looking for a scent that lingers without being overwhelming, this candle is for you. We also include dried roses and chamomile in this candle for a little extra scent enhancement. Perhaps it will even remind you of someone special.

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Sending My Love Luxury Scented Candle

This blend of Cotton and Iris is just the right amount of clean smell with a touch of sweetness. This Zhane inspired candle can burn for  up to 6 hours and is great for meditation, self-care or to add a bright boost of scent to any room. We are only doing a limited pour on this candle. So get it while you can!

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So Into You Luxury Scented Candle

This candle is light and citrusy! Perfect for a sunny day or to brighten your mood, we have blended Green Tea, Lemongrasss and Jasmine and much like the Tamia hit that inspired this candle, its scent creates a sweet, timeless vibe. If you like a light, clean smell with a hint of fruitiness, this candle is definitely going to be your favorite.

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Ladies of R&B Luxury Scented Candle Collection

Get all 3-16 oz candles "One Sweet Day" (White Gardenia), "Sending My Love" (Cotton and Iris) and "So Into You" (Green Tea, Lemongrass and Jasmine) and keep your home smelling lovely. Each one of these candles brings a different feel but can also be burned together, trust us, we have done it!

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Ex-Factor Luxury Scented Candle

This candle is excellent for clearing the air and your space. Using Rosemary and Sage oil with a slight bit of Bergamot, this scent is clean, fresh, and full of good energy.  We also added some dried ultra blue lavender to add a little extra aromatherapy to this candle. We know that sometimes you need to get all of the bad and toxic energy away and relax your mind and this candle is made just for that purpose. Ex-job, ex-friends, ex-significant other, clear it all out while you burn this candle.

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