Sittin' Up In My Room : Lush Linen Luxury Scented Candle

A clean scent with a hint of fresh is just what is need to brighten the mood of any room. This scent, inspired by the Brandy classic is a scent that is something you will always want to keep around. The top notes are floral and the bottom notes are a bit woodsy, to create a very engaging scent.

The candle is 8 oz and made from soy wax and includes dried rose petals. Burn time is 40-50.  The playlists are accessible via a QR code.

All of our candles are:

- Made from 100% soy wax (responsibly sourced)
- Use 100% cotton wicks (lead-free)
- Hand-poured in small batches to maintain quality
- Use phthalate-free fragrances
- Vegan and Cruelty free
- Clean burning
- Made in reusable containers

Please note: These candles are made in glass jars. Please do not leave them unattended. Additionally, Do not burn the wick all the way down. If the candle is low, or you can see the metal clip that holds the wick, the candle should not be burned, you run the risk of the glass getting too hot and cracking.

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