The A-Side 3 Wick Luxury Scented Candle Collection

With a combined 68 oz of wax, these candles are guaranteed to last you a while. Each candle has its own unique blend and can be used to set a different mood or vibe. Whether you are relaxing or entertaining, there is something for everyone. Included in this set are:

'Real Love' (bestseller)-lavender, rosemary, and chamomile

'Anytime'-Cinnamon Chai

'All The Things'-Ginger and Spice

'Diamonds and Pearls'- Moroccan Cashmere

Each candle has 3-wicks and is 17 oz. Burn time per candle is approx. 60 hours. The playlists are accessible via QR code.

Please note: These candles are made in glass jars. Please do not leave them unattended. Additionally, do not burn the wick all the way down. If the candle wax 1/2 an inch or less, the candle should not be burned, you run the risk of the glass getting too hot and cracking.
  • $90.00