Tender Kisses - White Tea and Rain Luxury Scented Candle

Soft and sweet, this candle is just as memorable as the Tracie Spencer hit that inspired it. The top notes of white tea blend well with the rainwater scent to create a nice balance of fresh and sweet. This candle is great for taking a soothing bath or cuddling up with a good book. It also goes great in the bathroom!

The burn time is approximately 40-45 hours. The playlists are accessible 

All of our candles are:

  • Made from 100% soy wax (responsibly sourced)
  • Use 100% cotton wicks (lead-free)
  • Hand-poured in small batches to maintain quality
  • Use phthalate-free fragrances
  • Vegan and Cruelty free
  • Clean burning
  • Made in reusable containers

Please note: These candles are made in glass jars. Please do not leave them unattended. Additionally, Do not burn the wick all the way down. If the candle has less than 1/2 inch of wax in the jar, the candle should not be burned, you run the risk of the glass getting too hot and cracking.

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