After Hours Collection

After Hours Collection

This candle set is our limited edition “After Hours” Collection. These candles are mood setters and designed for your wind down, with rich, warm scents that are strong but not overbearing. Great with a glass of wine, and a warm bath or to set the mood with someone special. Named after some of the sexiest songs from the 90’s, this set comes with a sultry playlist that lasts more than 4 hours.

“Anytime, Any Place” (Black Coral & Moss): This candle is sensual and masculine with a bit of an ocean feel and is infused with natural oils. It has top notes of Camphor and Pineapple, middle notes of Lavender and Bamboo, and bottom notes of Musk, Amber and Cedar. Definitely a cologne type scent.

“Lose Control” (Palo Santo): This candle is warm with top notes of citrus, middle notes of Palo Santo, Violet and Saffron and bottom notes of smoke, wood and amber. If you are a fan Sandalwood, you will enjoy this candle.

“Come Inside” (Dry Gin & Cypress): A lighter, yet woodsy scent, the Juniper top notes on this candle are divine. This smell is classic. It has middle notes of Dry Gin, and Red Currant and bottom notes: Basalm, Oak and Cedar.

The candles are 16 oz each, with 3 wooden wicks per candle, and come in a metal decorative tin that acts as home decor when you are not burning your candles. Total burn time of the set is up to 150+ hours.